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The Studio Art Gallery’s Art Academy offers the unique experience of learning and being creative in a contemporary art gallery setting.

Our aim is to establish a world-class art academy that focuses on results through skills-based training with practical and career applicable curriculums, by offering initial weekly art classes and workshops that would develop into full-time art classes, art retreats, life-study drawing classes, instructional video lessons, online courses, etc.

Art Classes

Enjoy inspirational art classes with Marc Alexander in a relaxed and creative environment and journey to self-discovery while having fun learning old and new techniques in different mediums and styles.

Beginners to seasoned artists are welcome.

Morning class9am to 12am – maximum of 12 students.

Afternoon class – 2pm to 5pm – maximum of 12 students.

Evening Class – 6pm – 9pm – maximum of 12 students.

Cost – R2750 per term (R250 per lesson X11) or pro-rata of the term should you not join at the start of a term.

A 50% deposit paid before the term commences will confirm your seat and the balace must be settles the following month end. Please send proof of payment to, with your initials and surname as reference.

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Marc Alexander painting Danae after Gustav Klimt

In this course, Marc will offer technical assistance and give step-by-step instructions that will push you to discover your drawing and painting potential. With every session, there will always be something new to learn.

Some topics that will be covered include: the fundamentals of drawing, painting techniques using a variety of mediums, colour theory, art career mentoring, etc.

What to bring?

  1. Your preferred reference printed in colour and black and white.
  2. Canvas, paper or any preferable surface to work on.
  3. A note pad and pen.
  4. Your own brushes.
  5. Your own paints.
  6. A 4mm glass palette – 30cm by 12cm with edges ground smooth.
  7. A table easel.
  8. A A4 or A3 sketch-book for drawing exercises.

More about Marc Alexander

As well as being a master in ‘Grasaille‘ oil painting, Marc Alexander is also well known as a teacher and mentor to many artists. In his own artwork, there is a sense of truth that evokes the depth and beauty of his subject matter. As a teacher, he has shared his ideas and experiences that have shaped his own art and work ethic over many years. Even though Marc’s aesthetic sensibilities have long drawn him to the figurative art of the fourteenth to seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish¬†painters, his artistic process remains fresh and contemporary and grounded in a combination¬†of traditional and modern principles.