Karen Wykerd


Karen Wykerd is constantly in pursuit of capturing a sunset, sunrise, rising mist or impending storms, She strives to portray the detail of fast paced, bustling Cape Town street scenes as well as viewing the city from afar as a pattern of grid lines and expanse of sky.


Karen says, “The use of colour and light plays an important role in transforming and elevating the unassuming everyday scenes into that of something worthy of being documented”. Working from her own photographic references, she uses layers of thin washes to convey a translucent dreamlike quality – a memory of a place once visited.


“Road Trip Series”. This series aims to highlight scenes that people generally overlook as they become common place due to the routine of their daily commute. She strives to portray the scenes as exciting and unique, just as one would experience on a road trip.

“Urban Idyll Series”. In this body of work she has taken time out from the bustle of the streets to explore Cape Town’s monuments and gardens. Celebrating a city rich in history and the enclaves of verdant oases where one can communicate with nature and escape the frenzy of the city.