Marc Alexander


Marc Alexander was born in Pretoria, South Africa, but now lives and works in Cape Town. He is best known for his focus on South African heritage and iconic portraits of late President Nelson Mandela.

Marc’s portraits are so lifelike that they are often viewed with amazement, especially by those who had known Mr Mandela personally. Marc’s limited edition prints of these portraits are being snatched up by admirers and collectors from all over the world.

Marc qualified and worked as a Museum Technologist and Curator for the Pretoria Art Museum. He paints mostly in oils in the style of the traditional realist, but he also enjoys combining the art of gilding and texturing in his paintings. He aims always to capture and express subjects and themes about our world and the human condition, especially those themes that challenge the way we live.

Marc is a forerunner amongst the countries contemporary artists, and has a substantial international following of collectors.