Opening Event

Please join us on for a drink at the opening event on Saturday 16 February at 11 am.

Artist Statement

Steve Biko by Therese Mullins

IMMORTALS – One way to achieve immortality is to die young. Especially if you’re famous and have touched the hearts of a generation. Just think of Bob Marley and Steve Biko. Or Amy Winehouse and James Dean. Their lifeblood still pulses in our collective consciousness. Same with loved ones who die too soon, only the sense of them is that much more precious and poignant to us. One glance at their unrepeatable image, and all the feelings they once imprinted upon us in their living years resurfaces in us, their essence purified by their passing.

In my Immortals exhibition, a panoply of oil-based portraits, I invite you to make contact with the famed who have come and gone, yet have remained with us as the forever young.  

I’ve been powerfully drawn to this idea of art as immortality ever since my 23 year old son died in a car accident. This is why my portrait of Ryan features amongst those who are renowned by all.  

As you look upon each of their faces, my hope is that they would breath again.