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Artist Statement

The Studio Art Gallery - Chris Bladen at Work“‘Movement Motion Transition Migration’ – These are concepts that I strive towards when I reflect on my work. These are also words that inspire and fascinate me in everyday life. I am a curious person and I like understanding things, especially in nature. Most of my subject matter holds mystery for me: Where do these creatures go, and how do they know how to get there?

In my work, I strive to capture that mystery, movement, and elusiveness.

I have an intense relationship with each piece I work on. The sculpting process is one of searching and destroying until something speaks to me until I suddenly capture some essence of what I’m seeking. I have a natural affinity for water and its inhabitants, both the known and the unknown. Creatures of the sky also fascinate me. It is in these surrounds where the sculpting process starts for me.

Back in my studio, I need to technically break down each subject. I would have a design in my mind, and then have to decide how to go about executing the piece. This is often the longest part of the process. Once I have it mapped out I make an armature and then comes the fun part – adding and manipulating the clay until the form starts to emerge. To perfect the finer details, I make use of sketches and photographs. I like being involved during the whole lost wax casting proses, until finally finishing the bronze surface with a vibrant patina.”


Opening Event

Please join us on for a drink at the opening event on Friday 28 December at 6:30 pm.