The Studio Art Gallery - Exhibition Header - Nolas Garden - Nola Muller

Opening Event

Please join us for cocktails on Thursday 28 March at 6 pm for the opening of Nola’s Garden. Opening speech by Aaniyah Omardien – founder of the Beach Co-Op

Artist Statement

Nola’s Garden – A collaboration with Nature

Nola created and nurtured her award winning indigenous garden over the past 12 years. She now takes from the wonder of nature and has produced a collection of vibrant canvasses entitled Nola’s Garden. From popping Pincushions, majestic March Lilies and alluring Aloes…she captures the essence of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Her brushstrokes have confidence as she is very familiar with this evocative subject.

This is a homecoming for the well known artist who has painted many dramatic landscapes from far and wide.  Her past 23 solo exhibitions have included the Canyons of Namibia, the Baobabs  of Botswana, and even the Himalayas of Nepal.