The Studio Art Gallery Exhibition Header - Reflections of Nature by Richard Gunston



Please join us on for a drink at the opening event on Friday 14 December at 6 pm.



The Studio Art Gallery - Whale Bowl by Richard Gunston
Whale Bowl, Patinated Bronze and Blown Glass.

As an artist, I’m influenced by the classical sculptors of ancient times and I always push myself towards that same sculpting perfection, yet at the same time, I’m striving to create my own uniquely expressive style, to produce artwork that embodies something of who I am as a person. I am passionate about conveying timeless moments of the transient natural beauty that surrounds us, to be looked upon, remembered and appreciated for generations to come. I am inspired by an emotional connection with certain qualities I see in my subjects, a skipped heartbeat which I experience when I see true beauty; whether it is the strength of a wild animal, the fragility and lightness of birds or the gentle elegance and regal stature of horses. With human subjects, I work to carve out the expressiveness of the inner soul.

I love to use wax infused clays that can be moulded as I wish, facilitating my technique according to the strength or gentleness of the piece I’m working on, starting from a lump of clay and ending with a bronze sculpture that I’ve poured much time, effort and my heart and soul into. My attention to detail ensures that the uniqueness of what I see in a specific moment is accurately captured. The smallest mark can bring out the expression in an eye and can make all the difference.