As an emerging artist in today’s world, it is very important to consider your every step, from the kind of art you create to how you want to market yourself and managing both at the same time, can be very challenging. This is where The Studio Art Gallery comes in. Our representation of your artwork, can fast-track your career and help you reach your goals in a fraction of a time it would otherwise take.

Our representation will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Participation in the Winter Life group exhibition from 14 August to 30 September, thereafter, we will receive artworks on consignment from you on an ongoing basis.
  • We offer you an opportunity for a solo exhibition, with two weeks free if it is your first show at the gallery. Book timeously to avoid disappointment.
  • Your artwork will be included in The Studio Art Gallery’s online shop, we can also guide you in developing a line of limited edition artist prints from your original artworks.
  • The Studio Art Gallery will give you access to a broad and loyal clientele and established collectors. We regularly advise new art enthusiasts, art investors and individuals looking to redecorate on emerging artists and quality, original art.
  • You can focus more on creating your art, while we focus on promoting your art career for you. Let us handle the stress of publicity, marketing and sales. We would increase your public recognition and awareness as an emerging artist. We make a conscious effort to promote and market our artists as well as ongoing exhibitions. We send out newsletters and press releases to a large mailing list and organize related events to promote your artworks, exponentially increasing your chances of meeting buyers and future collectors of your art.
  • We add value to your artwork. Often collectors will consider your artworks more valuable if you have gallery representation. Before your artwork is exhibited, our directors will carefully evaluate it, making sure that your artwork is priced fairly and that it gets sold for what it is worth.
  • You will become affiliated to artists Donna McKellar and Marc Alexander, both established contemporary South African artists and able to provide art-career mentoring.
  • By becoming a part of The Studio Art Gallery’s community, events and exhibitions, we offer you a chance to network and meet with more influential people and build contacts in the art world.

The art world is a competitive place and having the support of a gallery can make the struggle a lot easier. You are bound to get many more opportunities and higher visibility in the art market than an independent artist of the same calibre if you are endorsed by a gallery. The prestige and respect earned by the gallery over time automatically reflects on you and your work and brings you into the limelight.





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