Bateleur Eagle #II

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Artist: Marc Alexander

Medium: Oil and gold leaf on canvas

Size: 120cm by 90cm

Year: 2015


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Bateleur Eagle #II

By Marc Alexander from his ‘In the Balance’ exhibition. Bateleur Eagle II, oil and gold leaf on stretched canvas, 120cm by 90cm, painted in 2015.

Marc really enjoy painting these magnificent birds. His Bateleur is slightly larger than life size, so there is loads of super fine detail to feast your eyes on.

The bateleur is a medium-sized eagle in the family Accipitridae and is a fairly common resident of the open savanna country and thornveld within Sub-Saharan Africa. Its closest relatives are the snake eagles. A colourful species with a very short tail which, together with its white underwing coverts, makes it unmistakable in flight. The tail is so small the bird’s legs protrude slightly beyond the tail during flight. The bateleur is sexually dimorphic; both adults have black plumage, a chestnut mantle and tail, grey shoulders, tawny wing coverts, and red facial skin, bill and legs. In 2009, the bateleur was placed in the Near-Threatened IUCN Red List Category due to loss of habitat, pesticides, capture for international trade and nest disturbance. Decline of the species is suspected to have been moderately rapid over the past three generations. Current conservation efforts are unknown.


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