Whale Ocean Bowl

R 42,000.00

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2,809.43 USD | 2,199.54 GBP | 2,537.55 EUR


Artist: Richard Gunston

Medium: Bronze and Blown Glass

Bowl:  Hand blown – all bowls will be different

Edition: 12

Size: 60cm by 40cm by 15cm

Weight: 7 kg


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[convert number=38400.00 from="zar" to="usd"] USD | [convert number=38400.00 from="zar" to="gbp"] GBP | [convert number=38400.00 from="zar" to="eur"] EUR   Artist: [popup_anything id="333459"] Medium: Bronze and Zimbabwe Black Granite Edition: 15 Size: 36cm by 21cm by 38cm Weight: 16,8 kg  
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