Question: Can I attend more than one class per term.

Answer: Yes, certainly.

Question: What is the format of the art classes?

Answer: Each class will last for three hours. We will start promptly with a 20-40 minute lesson and a practical exercise, a midway 10-minute break is also included. 

Question: Do I need to start classes at the beginning of a Term?

Answer: No, artists are welcome to start at any point in the Term. Please note that for artists who do not join the Academy at the start of a Term, a pro-rata payment is required for the remainder of that Term.

Question: Will there be classes on Public Holidays?

Answer: No.

Question: Do I need to do the practical exercises?

Answer: No, artists are welcome to listen in on the lesson, and just continue with their own artwork. Exercises are optional, but keep in mind the old saying that, “practice makes perfect”.

Question: How many artists will there be participating in the class?

Answer: There will be a maximum of 8 students per class.

Question: Do I need any fine art experience to join these classes?

Answer: No, both absolute beginners and seasoned artists are welcome.

Question: Will wine and eats be served during art classes?

Answer: Tea, Coffee and light snacks will be served at all classes, Wine is only served during the evening classes. 

Question: What happens if I cannot make a class?

Answer: Because of the space limitation, securing a seat at the Academy is a commitment. Students will be invoiced for this space whether or not they attend the classes.

Question: Can I participate in the Alexander Art Academy student’s exhibition?

Answer: Certainly, each artist may submit one artwork for the student’s exhibition.

Question: Can I leave my ‘wet’ artwork at the gallery?

Answer: Yes, if the artwork measures 50cm by 50cm or smaller.