Annual Exhibition 2023

Every year, The Studio Art Gallery hosts an exhibition of artworks created by artists who were mentored by Marc Alexander at the Alexander Art Academy’s art classes in Simon’s Town and Claremont. The exhibition is a celebration of the creativity and achievements of these artists and an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned. The artworks on display showcase a variety of styles, techniques, and themes, with each artist focusing on their unique style, talent, and preferences to produce their best work.

Participating Artists

Alison Cox, Angela Fortune, Angela Andrews, Anita Lamberti-Fuchs, Beverley De Meyer, Caroline Potts, Cilla Hofmeyr, Claire Smith, Clifford Boobyer, Colleen Brice, Creina Moerdyk, Christel Richter, Dalene Pretorius, Danett Winterburn, Damien Pond, Di Yates, Doreen Alcock, Dru Martheze, Elizabeth Wilson, Erika Kuhn, Francois Roux, Hayley Curtis, Hayla Westhead, Hope Mansfield, Janet Kemp, Janine Strugo, Jean Welsh, Jennifer Schultz, Jenny Cunliffe, Jill Endean, Jo-Anne Pentz, Kal-El Sliedrecht, Kim Carstens, Kay DuToit, Leanne Gitlin, Lee Vestey, Jenny Thomas, Marc Kress, Mike Horsfield, Natalie Muir, Nevil Winterburn, Nicky Thompson, Neelu Dole, Olivia Crowther, Pippa Visser, Raine Parsons, Rhoda Moore, Ros Malloch, Sally Jamieson, Sally Perrott, Sarah Daynes, Shona Bettison, Simon Ford, Siven Maslamoney, Sue Cloete, Sue Joubert, Sue Sherman, Susan-Nicoline Young, Taryn Meyer, Tom Johnston, William Edwards.

Opening event pics @ The Studio Art Gallery on Saturday, November 11, at 5:30 p.m.

Exhibition Catalogue