The Studio Art Gallery - Island View by Robyn Schoon, Oil on Canvas


Sea and sky – unimaginable power and beauty

Horizons – always there – the known – the unknown

Seducing the spirit of the traveler – the conqueror – the troubled soul

What lies beyond – what lies beneath

Horizons – so perfect in my imagination

Mountains – rivers – waterways – coastlines

The lines that connect us – fracture us

Lines defining space – territory – borders

Island View, Oil on Canvas, 80cm by 100cm.


“Travelling, sailing and exploring our natural environment has inspired many varied creative pursuits. From photography to architecture; to collecting and printing textiles; and then more recently, painting, digital art and videos. Working from memory and photographs for reference, I’m exploring constantly, and don’t start with an image in mind – this process, once flowing is very exciting.

Using mostly a palette knife, oil paint is applied in multiple tactile layers, bringing to life the subjects of the two-dimensional image. The palette knife has become indispensable when painting urban scenes, or abstract compositions that require strong lines, and flat planes of colour.

The urban environment, man’s essential need for nature, and human encroachment into the natural environment are themes currently being explored.

Painting and digital art, provide endless challenges and opportunities for experimentation, with seemingly limitless possibilities.”


Thursday 29 November at 6:30 pm the opening of Robyn’s first solo show was celebrated with much excitement and cheer. A great evening with which to launch an exciting new art career.