The Studio Art Gallery - Exhibition Header - The Open Studio - A Solo Exhibition by Marc Alexander

The Studio Art Gallery hosts an open studio space where visitors can come and view resident artist Marc Alexander at work.

Artist’s Statement

“My work is primarily focused on nature and the natural world. I am intrigued by this subject matter because I believe that a connection with nature is a mechanism by which we may better understand the mysteries and revelation of creator God. Currently, my artworks have become a means to explore and highlight nature‚Äôs ability to perplex scientific conclusions. The origins of ancient belief systems that have influenced modern scientism and the tensions caused by opposing and contradicting worldviews have become my latest area of focus.

I often touch on ideas surrounding the historical fallibility of scientific theories, philosophy, and environmental concern. The use of silver and gold leaf with my oils plays an important role in transforming and elevating my subject matter and serves as a connection to the past.”