Donna McKellar | The Studio Art Gallery | Unpetrified - Exhibition Header

Opening Event

A few of the paintings from this much-anticipated exhibition can be viewed below. Unfortunately, the opening event of this exhibition coincided with the Covid 19 Lockdown and we were not able to celebrate with Donna, this remarkable achievement that she worked so tirelessly towards.

Artist’s Statement

In a world bound for chaos & decay, the task for any artist is to immortalise a single moment – yet untainted by ruin and rot – in such a way as to present to the viewer a perfect relic of ephemeral beauty. A fossil that is an impression of time itself. This task is not an easy one, not merely an attempt to “freeze time in a bottle,” but rather to extract the feeling from the moment and offer it to the viewer in a way that it can be sensed (and not only observed). As such, these renditions are my deeply personal offering, given with something of my soul.

Petrified (verb) – To become stone. Metaphoric sense of paralysis. To have stopped changing and developing.