Over the last few years, miniature art has exploded in popularity. Miniature art is an art form that plays with scale and perspective. It invites us to see the world differently and brings our childhood imagination back to life. Whether it is miniature paintings or drawings executed with extraordinary precision and detail, miniature figurines meticulously sculpted and painted to fit dioramic scenes, or found objects that make up miniature art settings in art galleries, there seems to be no end to this extraordinary worldwide phenomenon.

We are delighted to announce that ‘Zoom In’ will be the first miniature art exhibition hosted by The Studio Art Gallery.


Alicia Curtis, Alison Cox, Angela Mackay, Angela Van Lienden, Anita Lamberti-Fuchs, Audrey Pattison, Austen Gordon, Barbara Van Alphen Stahl, Belinda Ann Burchell, Benson Joubert, Beth Lowe, Bronwen Cawood, Carol-Ann Smith, Caroline Potts, Christine Scheid, Claire Drysdale, Colleen Lewis, Creina Moerdyk, Di Yates, Dialina Baumann, Diana Palmer, Diane Neville-Smyly, Donald Glass, Donna Mckellar, Doreen Alcock, Elizabeth Wilson, Gavin Thomson, Georgina Jones, Hayley Curtis, Ingrid Le Roux, James Mackenzie, James Robert Hector Durno, Jean Welsh, Jessica Smith, Jill Endean, Jill Smorenburg, Joanne Milne, Jordan Pickering, Josephine Walton, Julka Slazak, Leanne Gitlin, Liz Kramer, Lynette Glass, Mandy Croucamp, Marcelle Sprong, Marelise Van Wyk, Margaret Lotz, Michele Davidson, Michelle Cory, Nadine Bentley, Natalie Muir, Natalie Walmsley, Nikki Dickinson, Phyllida Louw, Pippa Visser, Rebecca Lane, Rory Lewis, Rose Roode, Sabrina Becker, Saeeda Prew, Sally Perrott, Sam Glen, Sherika Singh, Shirley Rabin, Shona Bettison, Simon Beau-Fordham, Sue Cloete, Sue Joubert, Tinashe Issac Katandawa, Willem Van Wyk, William Edward Pieters, Marc Alexander, Colleen Brice, Kay Du Toit, Cilla Hofymeyr, Nicky Liebenberg, Adrian Owen, Katrien King, Cornelie Wolff, Samantha Glen.


Please join us at The Studio Art Gallery at 5 pm on Saturday, April 2nd for the opening event of the Zoom In – A Miniature Art Exhibition. Come and immerse yourself in a world of miniature artistry. This group exhibition comprises artists from all over South Africa.