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2019-10-22 06:00

Racine Edwardes @Raeedwardes

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Lindy and Marc Alexander are the co-owners of The Studio Art Gallery. PHOTOS: Racine Edwardes.

The owners of The Studio Art Gallery want to make the world of art more accessible to the public but, more than that, they want to showcase and develop the talents of local artists.

The gallery, now based at Harbour Bay Centre in Simon’s Town, is a space that co-owners Lindy and Mark Alexander use to give artists a platform for their work to be seen by the greater public. They have showcased the works of many local artists and have assisted local emerging artists to enter the industry.

Marc says: “About 90% of the artwork in the gallery are from artists living in the peninsula. “The peninsula gathers a lot of artists – and good quality artists,” Lindy says. The gallery boasts artists such as Chris Bladen and Richard Gunston who both reside in Fish Hoek.

The Alexanders also aim to assist organisations in the community through their annual charity exhibition for Mandela Day, “where all our artists who have exhibited at the gallery contribute six pieces. Then we choose a local organisation as beneficiary – last year we chose the False Bay Hospital,” Marc says, explaining the idea behind the Mandela Day Block Art Exhibition. Lindy adds: “This year we raised funds for the iThemba School in Fish Hoek. We want to support our community as much as possible.”

In line with their spirit of making connections and developing talent, they have launched a project which they hope to build on in the future. “We have recently started our art academy with art lessons on a Monday,” says Lindy. “The art academy is part of our 10-year plan at the gallery. Eventually, we want to build a proper art school on the peninsula, and with corporate social investment (CSI) funding, we will sponsor less privileged artists or young people that we find in the community who show potential. This stage in the gallery’s development is kind of a stepping stone towards that,” Marc explains. There are currently 36 budding artists in the academy, which takes place once a week when the gallery is turned into a studio. They also try to get the creative juices flowing at a young age by encouraging teachers to bring their young learners on tours of the gallery, and for workshops.

The Winter Life Group Exhibition is another one of the gallery’s annual exhibitions – this is a nationwide search for new talent. “Each year we refresh our entire gallery’s exhibition space with a new selection of South African artwork. We also choose four outstanding artists from this selection to represent permanently,” reads the website. It takes place every year during August and September.

This exhibition – and those throughout the year – offer a unique opportunity to artists who will receive marketing and artistic guidance and business mentoring from the gallery, empowering them to pursue their careers in art. 

Contact the Studio Art Gallery on 021 786 9457 or for more information.