Anita Lamberti Fuchs began her artistic journey with watercolors, a medium that remains her true passion. Transitioning to oils required patience and persistence to capture the fluidity of watercolors. While watercolors offer a natural flow, oils grant broader possibilities, allowing Anita to experiment with diverse styles and techniques. Her favored subjects are landscapes and seascapes, with a special affinity for trees and forests. Residing in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, she’s blessed with access to picturesque woodlands. The ever-changing scenes she encounters on her walks serve as constant inspiration. Trees, for her, hold a captivating magic, emanating a comforting presence in their towering silence. Anita adheres to the mantra of “less is more,” striving for simplicity in her future works. She revels in the texture and richness of paint, utilizing purposeful brushstrokes. Her ongoing aspiration is to draw inspiration from the beauty of the Western Cape’s sea and forests.

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