Oil Painting Medium
AAA Premixed Oil Medium 250ml
Premixed Oil Medium, made with top-quality distilled turpentine, liquid alkyd medium, and refined linseed oil in three parts.
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Winsor & Newton Liquin 250ml
Winsor & Newton Liquin
Winsor & Newton Liquin Original is a general-purpose, semi-gloss medium known to cut the drying time of oil paints in half while improving the flow and brush retention of the paint.
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Zel-Kin Oil Medium
Zel-Kin Liquid Alkyd Resin
Zel-Kin is a quick-drying oil medium for oil paint. The translucent soft gel accelerates drying time, as well as improving the flow characteristics of oil paint. Zel-kin is also recommended for glazing, as it is resistant to yellowing and can be used in creating an oil medium.
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Zelcol IMpasto Medium
Zellen Oil Impasto Medium 100ml
Impasto is a technique used in painting, whereby the paint is laid onto an area of the surface in very thick layers. Usually thick enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible. This is most often done with a painting knife. This painting technique gives the painting a three-dimensional surface. Paint can also be mixed right on the canvas. When dry, Impasto provides texture. A fast-drying semi-gloss impasto medium for oil colours. It will retain textures and brush strokes without levelling.
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Zellen Refined Linseed Oil
Zellen Refined Linseed Oil
Linseed oil is a handy and useful oil-painting medium. Also used in combination with distilled turpentine and a liquid alkyd medium (liquin,zel-kin etc) to create a general oil medium. It reduces the consistency of oil paint while increasing gloss and transparency, as well as extending the drying time of the oil paint
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